Sunday, November 2, 2008


It is exactly 36 hours before our plane takes off for Shanghai. We hope all of you (participants) are ready. Do check your luggage in case you might have forgotten something. It would be best that each of you bring along your thermometer so that you can check if you are unwell.

We will be making an annoucement to meet the P5 Participants after flag raising and P4 Participants after pledge taking on Monday 3rd Nov. This is so that we can distribute your t-shirts and take a look at the gifts you have prepared for your Shanghai Buddies. So do remember to bring your gifts tomorrow.

Three important things to take note about the t-shirts:
1) You can choose to wash them but I doubt them would dry in time. Don't worry, they are clean.
2) Do not use bleech when washing them as the colour on the logo will come off.
3) If you feel that the logo is fading, put a piece of cloth over it and iron. The colours will be vivid again.

Take good care of the t-shirts. It is definately a good souvenir to remind you of your participation in the 1st Shanghai Immersion Programme organised by the Science Department.


Eric said...
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Eric said...

Hi Girls... Hi Boys...,
Hooray!! Exam is over...everyone has already study hard(smart) so now it is time to play hard(smart) while moving on to your next learning journey of Science in a foreign land.

Hi Kids, when you are out of your homeland remember to give your fullest to share and care for everyone in regardless of which group and your New friends. Treasure and enjoy your learning experience, have FUN and ENJOY to the fullest too,Cheers!!!

To our Teachers and Kids, wish you have a wonderful and pleasant trip to Shanghai. Take care, drink more water and keep warm.
Good girls, good boy okie ;)

CSH's Parents.

Remarks: Do excuse me if any sentence/word error posted gee...