Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 3 @ Shanghai

After our breakfast at the hotel, we headed for our first stop of the day - Shanghai Museum. It was a pity that we had only one hour to visit all the galleries in the museum. There was really not enough time to cover all the eleven galleries. Interestingly, some pupils in my teams were trying to make connection of artifacts to Science concepts (Hey guys, I know this is a Science trip, but you can really relax and appreciate some arts.) They were amazed by an ancient "Transparent Mirror" and how it worked. That kept them at the gallery for quite some time and our team had to miss some galleries.

We returned to Jin Xin Primary for lunch and launching of our rockets. The whole school gathered at the field to watch the event. You could almost imagine it as NDP. Jin Xin Primary pupils counted down for the rocket to be launched, with their arms in the air, hoping that they will catch the landing rockets. The air smelled of gunpowder and everyone was cheering loudly. We did not expect to win any prizes, but guess what, we won. We swept 6 trophies out of 10. Hurray!................

Four of our pupils had the chance to launch their self-made water rocket. It was designed by SpeedB. Nothing complicated - just recycled water bottle, masking tape, markers, scissors, and the concept of pressure. Jin Xin Primary had their own version as well. The crowds again cheered when our rockets whizzed across to the other end of the field.

Last but not least, the long-awaited cultural exchange performances. Our pupils were shy and they were quite uncomfortable on the stage. But it's alright. We're still very proud of them. They sang without their lyrics and moved in unison at the later part of their performance. Pupils from Jin Xin also put up various performances - chicky dance, played the gu zheng and yang qin. We were very impressed by the efforts put in by Jin Xin Primary. And their hospitality was commendable.

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