Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 4 @ Shanghai

It has been raining since last night and it is still RAINING now! The pupils should be tugging themselves in their warm bed by now after playing with the mist that they breathed out for the whole day. Some of them still thought that mist is water vapour... well, as this is a Science learning trip, they were corrected immediately that mist is WATER DROPLETS. :)

Though it has been a cold day, the pupils are still in high spirits and enjoying the cold wind that is blowing into their faces which they seldom experience in Singapore. For the first half of the morning, we went to the aerospace centre which is just next to our hotel and learnt about astronautics technology.

Then we headed to one of the oldest village (about a thousand year of history) to buy some souvenirs for our dear ones. We walked the narrow alley though it was raining and with the power of teamwork, we managed to get a good bargain for ourselves! Hmmm... not sure if it is the best bargain but everyone felt good about the fact that we managed to bring the price down from RMB10 to RMB6!

In the afternoon, we went to the Oriental Green Boat. We were supposed to be having a fun amazing race activity, running around in the spectacular open area (or theme park), but we ended up walking in twos with our little blue umbrellas. We could only take a glimpse of the facilities available and hope to return someday for more fun. It was a pity that we could not take time to read more about the great men of the world though the statue of each was simply fascinating. We had to walk briskly towards the exit and head for the bus to keep warm. Well, it was rather fun walking in such a weather and picking up maple leaves on the way for some.

We also took some time to practise our English. See how many mistakes you can spot in the text in the next photo.

The dinner was SUPERB! Each of us, including our Muslim peers, had a hot pot to ourself! Cool! Warm! Hot! We got to cook our own dinner and select what we prefer to eat.

The food made us feel so good that Ms. Yap decided to serve beer and Mr. Ng got drunk.

Ha ha! Got you! We were kidding about Ms. Yap and Mr. Ng. These things would never happen to the teachers from Unity on an overseas trip. However, the part about the food being good is true. See the happy faces!

The funniest of all is the after-meal entertainment programme which consists of a special interview with Nicholas. What is the topic about? Watch this:

So now we know what Nic does at night. Muahhahahaha!

Oh, on top of that, we teachers are simply energised by the hot pot and created our own mini quiz for all our supporter out there. Here is the video and will there be a prize for the winner? Hmm... we shall discuss and keep you updated tomorrow. So now, crack your brain and post your answer in the tag box! The question is:

Hope you have fun solving the mystery. This is how we keep ourselves entertained on a rainy day... it's still, all about SCIENCE!

Oh, last but not least, pupils are briefed on strategies to keep dry, warm, and clean. Teachers' hotlines are open 24 h if they need assistance and so, no worries! Nite! Bye!

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