Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 7 @ Shanghai

It was a day of mixed feelings for all participants, both teachers and pupils alike. All of us were happy to have had a wonderful and enriching trip and were looking forward to reuniting with family and loved ones. However, many of us were sad to leave Shanghai where the weather is cool, food is abundant at all meals and most of all, the shopping opportunities.

The pupils were given a late wake up call as they needed more rest from the 'hectic' activities they had the night before. After breakfast, all of us sat down to pen down our reflections for the entire trip. You could see the emotions on their faces as they recounted the places they have been to, the new friends they got to know and the lessons they have learnt.

After that, the pupils were briefed on the finer aspects of packing. The teachers went to every room with weighing scales in hand like 'karang gunis'. This was to make sure that pupils did not exceed the baggage allowance.

It was also during Operation Karang Guni that Mrs Chai insisted on taking a photo with Ka Hin; maybe she has narrowed down her choice of a god-son to him. :)

Lunch was served at the Astronuatic Centre Canteen. Pupils were treated to a buffet; the meal meal in Shanghai. It seems that the companies and schools in Shanghai or maybe the whole of China provide meals for their employees. All the employees need to do is to tap their ID card and lunch is waiting for them.

Ms. Yap came across an interesting invention - The Toilet Timer. I wonder if it was 30 seconds or 30 minutes on the clock. Both times seem to be a bit ridiculous for reliving oneself. We were also wondering what would happen if someone exceeded the time limit, would the door open by itself? Or would the toilet bowl eject you out of the cubicle?

Next, we proceeded to the airport, checked in our luggage and waited for the annoucement to board the airplane. Upon hearing that, there were shouts of jubilation as we were one step closer to home.

After a five hour filght, the participants were reunited with their families. After numerous hugs and kisses, they dispersed and made their way home to their comfy beds and a good rest.

Before we end, a surprise was also waiting for us at Changi Internation Airport. Nicholas's family has brought along 'Bibush' to introduce him to the participants. I guess Nicholas is going to have a hard time in school for the next few days. By the way Nicholas, does the name 'Bibush' comes from Big Bush?

That's all for the trip. I believe all of us had a good time and you too, have enjoyed reading our posts everday. See you in school tomorrow!


ichabod said...

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Ms Lim,Mdm Haryati,Ms Yap,Mr Kelvin Ng & the organisers for their care & commendable supervision given to the pupils during the trip.Thanks!
From Isa, Muhd Ismail's father

KoSai said...

This was the first time May has gone for oversea trip without us. As saying, parents are first-hand teachers at home and now I would say "teachers are second parents at school and abroad to students". Thank you teachers and organizers for your care and concerns and well-organized trip.

Thanks May for buying me a painting called "DADDY". I love you.
From Daniel, May's daddy